No Ordinary Accident

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No Ordinary Accident

Published on 7th September 2016

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM


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20161022 UPDATE

Today is the First Anniversary of the Staged Accident. It was absolutely disgraceful behaviour by parties in Sri Lanka acting on behalf of and goaded on by parties in Australia and the United Kingdom.

A classic case of Problem>Reaction>Solution (“PRS”) because I correctly identified copious volumes of unlawful surveillance and interception, theft and destruction of data. The way PRS works is that when I get angry as a RESULT of an ‘event’, people say that I was actually angry BEFORE the ‘event’, and my anger CAUSED the event. From simple Forensics, just review the timestamps and EXIF information and the answer is plain to see to everyone but the perpetrators and the Groupthink that believes this crap…

So getting me out of the house by causing physical injury removed the requirement for search warrants etc, and allowed items to be planted for future discovery. And then after such an event the perpetrators would say that I deserved it and use it to frighten others.

Quite pathetic really, and easily identifiable. If I am investigating various parties and then this type of event occurs, then it confirms that those parties are inextricably linked. This Staged Accident is also a good example of MacArthur Syndrome in which Asians worship Westerners and white skin.

Unfortunately it is always the ‘Tail Wagging the Dog’, when Lawyers’ Constructs are in operation, and the resultant ‘story’ fits the ‘evidence’ perfectly, just as in a Harry Potter movie or Star Wars 🙂

20151022 INITIAL

On 22 October 2015 I was involved in a completely staged Road Traffic Accident. The accounts of people who witnessed the event are ENTIRELY INCONSISTENT with Forensic Evidence (Video and Magnetic Resonance Images) of the accident and/or injuries sustained by me. This is the short version of how a quick trip to the bank which should have taken an hour resulted in me conveniently being out of my house for about a week…

I was renting a property in Colombo and the day before the landlord called me and told me that I needed to pay about LKR 300,000 for the electricity bills that he was receiving. Why he allowed a number of months to accumulate without telling me was odd, but it did conveniently facilitate me having to go out on a specific day to a specific location.

Video Evidence

After visiting Commercial Bank in Ward Place, I had given Chamaree Silva (“CSS”) the money and we were going back to the taxi, provided by Kangaroo Cabs. One thing that was also odd is that the number plate of the taxi was not the same as the number plate referenced on the sms from the cab company, but everything was odd during that period!

I had previously been sitting behind the empty passenger seat whilst CSS was sitting behind the driver’s seat during the previous leg of the journey. The driver was a large guy and his seat was pushed back quite far.

Use of Benzodiazepines in Poisoning

I was feeling extremely unwell at 0m 40s, incredibly drowsy and wanted to go home, which was not the original plan. I had been feeling sick about 30 minutes after a cup of tea that morning that CSS had made and I remember she had been watching intently whilst I drank it.

CSS also referred to her actions specifically in her own statement as it was clearly something of interest to her:-

It seemed to contain Rohypnol; my speech was slurring and I was feeling very drowsy and had difficulty breathing. Rohypnol (flunitrazepam) is an intermediate-acting benzodiazepine with general properties similar to those of Valium (diazepam).

The red trishaw that can be seen in the car park was simply waiting for CSS’ signal and there was no-one in it. When she provided it, it just went ahead of us – that was odd!

Ready for Impact

However, as can be seen in the video, the taxi driver had now locked the rear seat door on his side (odd, because CSS exited from that side without issue to go into the bank) and she was making no attempt to get into the car either After a while, I entered the car from the passenger seat rear door and slid across to the sit behind the driver. There was not much space at all.

As usual I was making a note of the number plates of suspect vehicles that I had seen before – I have an eidetic memory. The plan was to run them against our databases. As referenced in my post MI5 Put Me IN Business, IMSI catchers were being used and I could track them via my phone.

At 3m 29s I noticed three vehicles deliberately parked facing the wrong way on the other side of the road. I also saw the driver brace himself for a collision by locking his arms on the steering wheel and pushing himself back into his seat.

The driver was driving at speed but suddenly at 3m 36s he applied the brakes hard and the car rapidly came to a halt. There appeared to be no collision with any other vehicle, which was also odd. I thought my forehead hit the driver’s headrest.

Partial Recall

The next thing I recalled (at the time) was that I ended up in a red trishaw and was asking CSS where my UK passport was. I felt a lot better but my neck and chest were hurting. We went to Asiri Surgical where I was told my ECG was ‘all over the place’ and I ended up in the Coronary Care Unit.

CSS told me and produced a document to the effect that she ‘saw my head violently hit the seat in front‘. I couldn’t remember what had happened so I just accepted her version of events and a statement that she had produced. When I asked her what happened to the other vehicle she said she was looking at me the whole time and didn’t know – weird I thought, as I was looking out of my window and not at her.

Dislocated Intervertebral Discs at C4-C5 and particularly C5-C6

MRI Confirmed Acute Spinal Cord Injury

When the MRI was produced a couple of days later I was shocked.

The intervertebral discs in the cervical spine between C4-C5, and particularly between C5-C6 were dislocated and compressed part of my spinal cord – note how it is blurred and indistinct, though distinct at around C7.

This is an Acute Spinal Cord Injury, and it was thankfully simply a contusion not a transection. This did however cause breathing issues as well as significant muscular weakness in my arms and shoulders, which facilitated more thefts by parties in my house, which was just so convenient!

Whilst there is a degree of scoliosis, this MRI demonstrates something a lot worse after the ‘accident’ from my own knowledge of my neck and previous MRIs I had seen.

Moreover these MRIs are INCONSISTENT with CSS’s account that my head ‘hit the headrest in front‘. I thought at the time it was more consistent in someone pulling me backwards violently but my memory was affected after the trauma.

Total Recall

However, over the next few weeks my memory returned. I then realised that CSS had lied completely and was undoubtedly involved. When the accident occurred, my head did NOT hit the driver’s headrest ‘violently’. There was contact between my left temple and I had actually had a Transient Ischaemic Attack in which I had some seconds of passing out; that is when my head hit the headrest but it was certainly NOT hard. As I have Coronary Artery Ectasia there are regular issues with clots being formed, and as such I also have regular TIAs!

Screenshot of CSS’ Statement

And in Sri Lanka I am always surrounded by clots 🙂

Video of CSS’ Statement

And in Sri Lanka I am always surrounded by clots 🙂

Fallen on Road

I had then gotten out of the taxi and wandered onto the road. I felt myself falling, not because of the heart pain but because of a TIA and as I was falling I regained consciousness and put my arms out to brace myself against the impact. Then someone came and deliberately grabbed me so violently as to deliberately cause the dislocation of the intervertebral discs! Snapping my neck appeared to be the plan.

That caused the dislocation, rather than the RTA. I recall the sickening crack as I was conscious at that point, and felt my arms going numb and losing upper body strength. The rohypnol conveniently assisted in me having immediate recall issues until weeks later – once again how convenient!

Lawyer’s Constructs

CSS foolishly thought and propagated the lies that I was faking the heart issues – her reasoning was based on the fact that I was often lucid, and then slow, and then lucid again. That is actually the feature of a TIA, which is caused by CAE in which the clots often cause TIAs.

Someone of her low-level of exposure and education (such as many parties in Sri Lanka) would have incorrectly concluded that I was having a heart attack but was suddenly better. Actually I have heart attacks all the time and can fight the pain. But the TIAs I cannot control, and being lucid and slow is a symptom of that.


My theory is also that she was filming me to use that as evidence, but her conclusions are flawed in any event. However, showing flawed evidence to fools who do not know better is how this nonsense has propagated. But the existence of filming demonstrates foreknowledge!

In terms of the heart issues, the elevation of Creatine Phosphokinase (especially Myocardial Band) is something that is quantitative and that I cannot possibly fake. Additionally the coronary angiograms confirm portions of the vessels that are 1.5x the diameter of adjacent vessels – something else I cannot fake.

It seems that parties here are just propagating lies about me, by all foolishly agreeing with each other to have a group of people who have had apparent issues. However, they are not bright enough to realise that their original conclusion is flawed, and then when there is a group of people with the same flawed conclusion it is evident that it is a Lawyer’s Construct.

Eyes Wide Open

Furthermore, when I have discussed issues with various people, some of them deliberately open their eyes wide in theatrical fashion to make it look like what I was saying was unbelievable.

Two specific people who have demonstrated this signature at the same period are a criminal lawyer named Dale Gunaratna and a psychiatrist Upali Peris – it is just laughable and once again it is they who are trying their hardest to make me look like a liar!

And if it is not that, then it is having their shirt open at the bottom – in Law Enforcement I understand this means ‘unscripted conversation / open’ – Ray Callingham (kitchen in house on 29 November 2015), Edward de Saram (in early December 2015) and Dale Gunaratna (around the same time, date to be inserted), KSA Perera on XXX have all demonstrated this bizarre behaviour!


In conclusion it is obvious that parties are obsessed with my evidence, and trying to gather theirs by extremely primitive, laughable techniques. CSS is directly linked to Margaret Cunniffe / David Brown / MSL / Ray Callingham / Edward de Saram as the evidence on our other sites confirms.

Breaking my neck to get access to my house was a nice touch, and it was kind of them to do so because I didn’t know I had a neck until that incident 🙂

The case continues…


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM